2012: Introduction and Purposes


As we advanced in time, there was more and more talk about 2012, and more precisely about the date of December 21, 2012, supposedly the date on which the Mayan calendar ended, as well as being a year referred to by Other Ancient Civilizations and also some so-called prophets.

Several authors have written books about 2012, some reporting an impending catastrophe, others advancing with other theories, such as those that claimed to be a change of Era (perhaps from the Age of Pisces to that of Aquarius, in the Zodiac), accompanied or not by an energetic evolution. Conspiracy theorists stated that this was an important date for the consummation of the plans that the “Lords of the World” have for world control, through the implementation of the New World Order.

The expectation in relation to 2012 was growing, leveraged by such works, to which the 7th Art contributed, with several films released, including the famous film 2012 (2009) by Roland Emmerich.

In view of this theme, which has undergone an increase in interest in the general public, Paradigmas decided to create a section dedicated to analyzing the various theories about what could happen differently in 2012 (in the end, nothing relevant happened, as many predicted).

However, many of the forecasts for 2012 eventually remain valid, with the potential probability that they will occur sometime in the future, which is why Paradigmas restructured its “2012Menu, changing it to “Prophecies / Eschatology

The articles published about 2012 were inserted in the 2012 sub-menu, which was organized into some sub-topics, which are:

Paradigmas Impartiality

In any case, Paradigmas subjects information to the reader, trying to maintain impartiality and refraining from peremptory conclusions, not clinging to any point of view, leaving this work to the reader.

The function of Paradigmas is the presentation of Documents or issues that are totally or partially unknown or obscure to the general public, or on the other hand ridiculed by the dominant way of thinking, although, in our opinion, they deserve to be, at least, alternatives as an explanation of reality, and analyzed as such.

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