About Us

About Us
About Us

Paradigmas was created by the initiative of a person, who through his studies and research began to verify various aspects in which the common belief did not correspond to what could be seen in reality, through independent observation.

In spite of the lack of information and even misinformation, something that possibly goes back to the remote past, and may even have a common origin, uniting all branches of knowledge in a general plane of misinformation, the creator of this site decided to produce it, initially in the form of a blog, then moving to site at the current address, in an attempt to bring to the reader’s attention the information that lies behind said Veil that veils the common enlightenment.

The site avoids bringing information as a form of dogma, so as not to become what it so often criticizes, exposing the matters for reader analysis and trying to maintain its impartiality.

After being in activity for some time, Paradigmas began to accept collaborators, to expand its activity, to be able to increase the rhythm of updates, and above all to open itself to all people who want to participate in it, democratizing itself and becoming a community site, according to what we consider to be the “awakening” in these days: a “global awakening”, by all and through all.

This process is still ongoing, if you wish to collaborate with Paradigmas, send an e-mail to: Paradigmamatrix@gmail.com, stating your intention.

The site has many projects, with those projects depending on the amount of help that comes in, and those projects can be accelerated if there is too much availability expressed.

Paradigmas also serves as a vehicle for study in relation to the subjects presented, embarking both the reader and the producers and contributors on a journey, an adventure, a discovery, in which the truth is revealed to us through our searching, our questioning.

Paradigmas was originally created targeting Portuguese-speaking countries, but may extend to the entire world.

We wish everyone a good trip!


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