Introducing Wikileaks


Wikileaks is a website that allows its users to publish Documents, photos, videos or government and/or corporate news, previously under anonymity, allowing them to bring to light matters whose interest to some was to keep them secret.

Wikileaks claims that the information posted on its site is not traceable, and as such, its contributors remain anonymous.

The site was launched in December 2006 a by mid November 2007 it already contained 1.2 million documents.

Wikileaks and its project were kept secret until January 2007, when Steven Aftergood, editor of Secrecy News came public to introduce the site. Among the organizers are dissidents from the Chinese government.

It was this same site that went public to release the shocking video showing the massacre of more than a dozen civilians in Iraq, at the hands of the US military, a video that has been around the world, launching a huge controversy.

This video was recently featured on Paradigmas, and can be seen in the articles “VIDEO: Wikileaks presents video of US military killing Iraqi civilians” and “Curiosities about the video brought to light by Wikileaks regarding the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians”



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