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What is a feed?

Feed files are lists of content updates for a particular website or blog. Users include the link to the Feed files in their reader program (aggregator) and receive, without visiting the website, information about the updates that have occurred. This means that you can receive all new articles from Paradigmas, without having to visit the site.

How do I subscribe to Paradigmas feed?

It is very simple. You only need to have a feed aggregator service. The one that is most recommended may be Google Reader. but below I present a list of the ten that are usually considered as the best feed aggregator services. Among them, some are paid software, and this reinforces my suggestion in using Google Reader.

Top 10 best feed aggregators:

1.  NewzCrawler

Sign in to Google Reader and click on add subscription. A field will open for you to place the feed link. Copy this link:, paste in the indicated field and click add.

Google Reader

Google Reader

And that’s it! From the moment you follow the steps indicated, you will be able to follow all Paradigmas updates, automatically, directly in your Google Reader account! Repeat the procedure to include other sites or Blogs of your choice.


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