About Us


Paradigmas was born by the initiative of its founder, who through his investigation began to detect increasingly evident flaws in the official narratives, or better said, in what appeared to be the truth of the facts and, consequently, what most people believed be the reality or the explanatory causes and conditions of it.

This was the situation verified in most aspects of the Society, whether it was in terms of Education, but also in terms of Politics and Economics, Health, Science, and so on. Perhaps there is not, in fact, an area of ​​human knowledge whose predominant paradigm is not highly questionable, surrounded by prejudice and based mostly on Myths.

Knowledge is based almost all of it on Paradigms that, at best, are out of place, and through which, in many cases quite clearly, solutions are also out of place.

The choice of name for this initiative (Paradigmas) could not, as such, be more evident.

This was not, however, the first choice, which, although very similar, added something more: Paradigma da Matrix. A more extensive name that gave it a more precise content and also some less desirable connotations. We decided to change the name for reasons that will be explained later.

Thus, the debut took place in January 2010, in a Blog format, with a very primitive design. It was not necessary to wait long before collaborators began to volunteer, also self-taught researchers.

The activity continued and with it the investigation was deepened, which often led us to some surprising paths. The journey itself translated into an increase in maturity that, in turn, ended up having an influence on the way the website was conducted, on the published articles themselves, on the articles on which we focused and on the prism through which we approached them. Our concern with the quality and accuracy of the information allowed for a gradual increase in it.

The first restructuring of the Blog took place in October 2010 and brought with it a lot of improvements, such as the introduction of a Menu with the main themes, which made it easier to search for information. [1]

In February 2014, there was a radical transformation in the design and functionality of the Blog, greatly improving its aesthetic attractiveness and broadening its structure, aspects identified as basic needs, at a time when the site already had considerable traffic and a range already wide range of topics covered. [2] In January 2015, another wave of improvements made, still within the same layout. [3]

In July 2016, a new radical transformation aimed at transforming what was initially a Blog, into an information site, with a much more professional design and adequate to the growth that Paradigmas was registering. [4]

Throughout this process, there were several cyber attacks that we suffered, the last of which, at the end of 2016, partially destroyed the website and its contents. The recovery process was slow and laborious. In 2020 we suffered heavy attacks again and we noticed an increase in their frequency and intensity. However, we hire the best to defend ourselves.

In 2020 we decided to move on to the next phase in our natural evolution process and transform Paradigmas into an information body, registered with the ERC (Portuguese media regulator), which forced us to make profound functional and structural changes, changing the name to something more neutral and appropriate. The most “esoteric” themes, previously discussed, were relegated to the background and placed in curiosity sections, turning us to focus almost exclusively on more concrete themes and of greater interest for today. Our commitment to the rigor of information has increased a lot, and so we embark on this new adventure, with redoubled ambition and always with a sense of responsibility that implies our mission. As an award point, we saw our team of employees greatly strengthened, forming a multidisciplinary team with people trained in very different areas.

We invite you to know our Purposes, clicking here. [5]


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