In this, our inaugural article, we would like to welcome all those who decide to stop by.

Our intention on this site is to share some information, which we consider to be “unofficial”, since it seems to us that these days, all the so-called “official information” comes from news sources that are controlled by some interests, economic and/or private.

It thus seems necessary to us that the truth of the facts arrives reasonably intact – in the form of information -, to the recipient, being preserved from these interests, without thereby falling into the error of incurring in some exaggerations typical of some conspiracy theorists.

We will try, then, to separate the wheat from the chaff, while nevertheless giving due benefit of the doubt to some theories.

The choice of the title “Paradigmas” (Latin name for Paradigms) was a tricky one, not only because not many of the titles that would be more appropriate were already available, but also because of the difficulty in finding an epithet that would suit a topic that has the potential to become so vast and wide-ranging…

We are receptive, and would welcome the collaboration and participation of people who want to help develop this project, or to at least participate, actively or passively.

We will try to maintain a certain pace of updating on Paradigmas, notwithstanding our time constraints.


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