Wikileaks members targeted by CIA, fear for their safety

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WikiLeaks is currently under threat by the U.S. government and under surveillance operation in Iceland.

A site relatively insignificant, and with a small budget, that publishes Documents kept secret by governments, has captured the attention of the Pentagon, which claims that the site poses a possible threat to US troops.

The heads of the WikiLeaks even wrote that “if anything happens to us, you know why, it’s because of the video published by us on April 5, and you know whose responsibility it will be.”

The video they are referring to is the video showing the massacre of Iraqi civilians, already featured on Paradigms.

Editor pursued

According to information posted on Twitter, the editor of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, a Australian national, was harassed on a trip to Iceland. Another employee of the site, was detained for 22 hours and computers were seized.

“We have records of the flights of the Department of Defense/CIA. Don’t think you can get away with it. We are the WikiLeaks” claimed WikiLeaks in a warning tone.

WikiLeaks also urges their followers to contact them if they become aware of any operations against them.

Object to expose contributors to the Site

The Military Report 2008 suggests an attempt to expose those who contribute to the WikiLeaks, presenting Documents with “leaked information” as a way to undermine the site.

Sites like WikiLeaks “serve trust as a center of gravity by protecting the anonymity of whistleblowers.”

“Exposure of identification, termination of employment, prosecution and legal action against whistleblowers, could damage or destroy that center of gravity and deter others considering similar actions when using”



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